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Coquitlam Counselling and Therapy Practice

Coquitlam Counselling – Our Philosophy

We help people live better lives by beginning with a particular philosophy – you are a good person who already has the personal resources you need to live your best life. What sets us apart is that we work with you experientially so that you experience what your resources are. Then we help you learn how to bring them into your everyday life.

Our Approach to Serving You

We first work together to define how you want your life to be different. We do this by listening carefully to your hopes and dreams, and use them to set clear goals for your counselling.

The next step in our work together involves understanding and creating a counselling relationship which helps you feel strong and safe. We always feel honoured when invited by another person into their journey through life. While we’re journeying together, to honour those who are open and honest with us, we know we have to be open and honest with them as well.

Throughout the process we continually and intentionally attend to the best parts of you. You will find that everything you need to live the life you want already exists within you. By noticing these best parts you will begin to experience a transformation: your difficulties will give way to a passionate and life-giving energy. Solutions emerge and resources become apparent that leave you with a sense of well-being and empowerment you can use to create anything you want.

Coquitlam Counselling – Experience Your Best Life

This work opens up the opportunity for you to experience yourself as:

  • Having more freedom (choices)
  • Being more loved and loving
  • Being more creative, contributing to your own life and to the world
  • Being more adventurous and willing to take risks on your own behalf

Coquitlam Counselling – Our Experience

We have many years experience working with clients in a variety of situations. In our Coquitlam counselling practices we see individuals, couples, families, children and adolescents. We also offer telephone and video counselling using a secure online platform.

These are our specialties. For more detailed information about either of us, please see the individual pages for Michelle Rahn and Steven Keeler.

Coquitlam Counselling – Finding The Right Counsellor For You

Under all personal problems is a deep longing to be treated with respect, to belong, to be free, to live without fear, to love and be loved, and to contribute something of genuine value. Finding an experienced, capable therapist to help is almost always a good idea. Finding one who fits you is important.

We will briefly discuss what you want and if we can’t help you, we will find someone who can. If you feel we might be right for you please contact us. If you wish you can use the short contact form on this page. We see clients in Coquitlam and the Tri City area.